Godrej Forklifts Attachments

Paper Roll Clamp

Product Details:
  • Model: Godrej PRC

Paper Roll Clamp, Rotating (Forklift Attachment) Application:
  • Handling of heavy paper rolls.

  • Safety in the handling of heavy paper rolls.
  • Design of clamping arms enables handling of wide range of roll diameters.
  • Bi-directional rotation capability provides flexibility and speed in positioning the roll.

  • Rotator is mounted on large, heavy-duty spherical roller bearings.
  • Hydraulic motor and worm drive provide bi-directional rotation.
  • Hydraulic cylinder operates the clamp arms.
  • Specially formed and pivoted clamp pads safely handle a range of roll diameters.
  • Danger of losing clamping pressure is eliminated by using a pilot valve.

Drum Handling Parrot Beak

Product Details:
  • Brand: Godrej

Drum Handling Parrot Beak Application:
  • Lifting / shifting oil barrels, one or two at a time from their upper rims.

Features and benefits:
  • Strong frame fabricated from steel
  • Can be supplied for handling one or two drums at a time
  • Drums are held from their upper rim by a special ‘parrot beak’ device

Rotating Forks Attachment

Product Details:
  • Model: Rotating Forks Attachment

Rotating Forks Application:

  • Discharging free-flowing material from bins and containers (provided with fork pockets)

Features and benefits:

  • Rotator is mounted on large, heavy-duty spherical roller bearings.
  • Adjustable chain tensioner maintains appropriate chain tension.
  • Hydraulic motor and worm drive provide 3600 bi-directional rotation.
  • Forks are locked in position on the bumper bar by spring-loaded pins.

Shovel Attachment

Shovel Attachment (Forklift Attachments )


  • Handling loose and free-flowing material like dry sand, stones, salt, fertilizer, dry chemicals, grain, etc.

Features and benefits:

  • Shovel is constructed from 6 mm steel plate.
  • Loading edge is sharp, straight line or toothed.
  • Dumping cylinders are enclosed for protection.
  • Mounting / removal is easy, with just 3 bolts.
  • Shovel has a 300 forward tilt to ensure full discharge of load.
  • Full control on shovel movement ensures dumping at desired rate.

Slip On Roll Prong


  • Constructed of solid steel shafts welded to a steel plate.
  • Easily mounted / dismantled from the Forklift carriage.
  • Can easily lift / place drums horizontally from the ground or stack.
  • Available with 3, 4 or 5 prongs, suitable for carrying up to 4 drums simultaneously




  • Handling of drums (or cylindrical items) with a horizontal (axis) orientation.

Fork Mounted Crane

Fork Mounted Crane (Forklift Attachment) Application:

  • Handling loose loads which cannot be palletized owing to odd shape / size, uneven weight distribution or which need to be lifted by a hook.

Features and benefits:

  • Rigid construction of I-beams and hardened tie bars.
  • Attachment is mounted over the forks, eliminating the need to remove them.
  • Base of the attachment is bolted to the carriage for safety.
  • Hook position can be changed very quickly and easily.
  • The forged, bearing mounted hook can be easily swiveled.

Furnace Stoking Attachment

Product Details:
  • Model: Stoking Attachment

This attachment is used for breaking or stoking the slag inside the furnace.

  • Heavy duty mast.
  • Mounted rigidly on special fixed outer upright.
  • Length height above base and width of stoker blade depend upon furnace dimensions like. Opening height above ground.

Ram Attachment


This attachment is used for handling coiled steel sheets, coiled wire bundles and other items with the opening through which the ram can be projected.


  • Constructed of solid shafting welded to a steel mounting plate designed for hard use and long life.
  • The ram attachment can be furnished in several standard lengths.
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